T-Shirt Quilts

Top quilt: strips are sewn together, bottom quilt is being arranged.

I don’t know about you, but I had a ton of  T-shirts. These were not just any old shirts, they were memories from my YEARS in ballet. Every audition I took and camp I went to offered one. Not to mention those given to me as gifts or from the many schools I taught for. This is an idea, for a craft using those many T-shirts you don’t know what to do with!
Simply use any old calendar (any size) you have as a templet (pattern). Place it over your shirt and cut closely around the edges. The EASIEST method is to use the SAME size square/rectangle for EVERY shirt. Don’t forget to cut the back out as well, if there is a picture. Lay your pieces out on the floor or bed to arrange your design. Now you will sew the squares together- “fronts” facing each other. Start at the top left and make a strip of 6-7 squares in a column down. Repeat. Next sew the “strips” together (fronts facing each other). 6 strips of 7 (12×12) squares, will cover a single bed nicely. I like something smaller, as a throw-cover.
A piece of soft flannel (available at WalMart on the roll) makes a good backing. Lay your stitched T-shirt top on the floor and measure it with a tape-measure. ADD 4″ to your measurements. That will be enough backing. Make sure The material you purchase is WIDE enough! An inexpensive soft sheet would work also.
Lay your “backing” on the floor at home- nice and flat! If it won’t stay put or you have “little ones”, use a bit of masking tape and tape the corners to the floor. Place your completed T-shirt squares on top. Your backing should stick out 2″ on all sides. Use safety pins and pin through the thickness at every “intersections” (where squares are sewn together.) Make sure you go through ALL the material. Once pinned, roll the “backing” over the T-shirt top and pin down with straight pins.
We are looking for a smooth finish. This “rolling” is like a hem; a fold forward with ends tucked under. The only thing you MUST take care in, is that the hem goes over the T-shirt top. You are about to sew through this roll, closing the edge of the quilt. It’s ok to sew around the quilt twice (even zig-zag), making sure you sewed through all of your edges.
To finish: Hand sewing is easiest! In each spot where you placed a safety pin, either sew a button or sew AS IF you were putting on a button. You are now “tacking” the intersections. When you have tacked and removed all your pins… Your Done!              Congrats 🙂 -A
PS- I did not cut all my squares the same. It adds variety, but WARNING: it takes much longer to fit together.

Remove the pin and "tack" (all the way through) at the intersection.

Rolling the backing over the T-shirt
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