On Thanksgiving of 2010, our family was separated once again because of a hospital stay out of state. It had already been a harrowing time of cancer surgery, followed by complications and more procedures. David was at death’s door with sepsis. No one knew what was next or how long this ordeal would last.

I remember the holiday finally arriving and bringing all the children to their grandparents near by. I stayed with them for almost 24 hours to celebrate. We were so thankful their dad was alive. How precious each hug and kiss! Too soon it was back at the hospital to be with my sweetie, so terribly sick. Then, it was time for the kids to go home – 300 miles away. I felt every inch. Never before had I wanted so badly to be in 2 places at once.

I suppose for as long as I live, I will remember those days we walked through. Especially the holidays because they were the hardest. It makes me appreciateĀ even more that we’re together now. I’ve been asking each child where they were last year at such and such a time. We missed so much. It simply amazes me that God protected and brought them through. We are home now!

I don’t want to lose this perspective as the years go by. Togetherness is a longing God will ultimately fulfill in Heaven. Life brings us separations, but Jesus did something about it. He took away the sting of even death so that it doesn’t end at the grave. There will be a more GLORIOUS reunion than we’ve ever known, afterwards. No more sickness, no more pain, no more suffering, and NO MORE SEPARATION! Oh, What a amazing God we serve.

ForGlorySake! – Anna

excellent check up with Dr Guffin
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