My Hopeful Jar

A Hopeful Jar is something I dreamed up when a close friend was struggling with liking her husband. I thought it would be helpful for her to look for all the things she could admire about him (notice any godly character traits he had) and drop a penny in the jar. Then every time she looked at the jingling coins, they would remind her that God can and does make all things new.
Since then I have used this same idea with people in my own life. I try to seek out ANYTHING about them that I admire and throw in a penny. As I begin to pray I see God more and more clearly moving in their life. Sometimes the jar takes a long time to fill, but the reality is when I ask God to help me love so-and-so, He brings qualities to mind I had not noticed before.
From time to time, I have not only changed who the jar represents, but the verse on the outside. The one written here is Romans 4:17 & 18. It reminds me that Abraham called God, the “One Who brings the dead back to life” and “Who creates new things out of nothing”. It goes on to say that even when there was NO reason for hope, Abraham kept on hoping-believing that what God had promised him would come true.
Do you have a difficult person in your life? Someone that’s hard to love? Or maybe it’s a loved one who is stubborn toward the Lord and breaks your heart. Make a Hopeful Jar and throw a penny inside for each move of God you see in their life. I guarantee your focus will change and God will open your eyes to how much He loves that one and what He is doing in their life.
He IS the One Who gives life to the dead, creating something out of nothing. Isn’t that amazing? “LORD, give us hope beyond reason like Abraham had. “-A

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