Mom Morsels- part 1

Years ago when my children were little and under foot, I was desperate for advice on just about anything you can imagine. I’d ask everyone. My own mom always had good general advice, but usually couldn’t remember specifics… something I also have trouble with.
Because of my somewhat limited memory, I began a journal. I collected any little scrap of advice that worked for me and stuck it in a pocket-size book. In 2009, with my little book bursting at the seams, I used a larger journal (gift from my Mom) to transfer all of that”priceless” information. I added in any new helpful hints and it too is now bursting.  I glued onto every other page precious little notes and drawings the children have given me over the years.
This is primarily a family treasure, but I’d like to share some of the random tips           inside. -A
These entries are like notes to myself:

  •  When the kids were too little to read, I made a drawing of  their “List” of chores they were to complete 1st thing every morning and every night before bed (I will put a picture of the Ben’s list at the bottom). This helped me be consistent in what I asked of each child to do everyday. There was a reward involved until they got into the routine of things ($, candy after lunch…)
  • Whatever the kids help me do (no matter how poorly), means I actually got some help AND they are learning for the future.
  • Note to self- Get up a little earlier, 30mins before the kids and exercise! Pray WHILE you do it. You’ll feel better later today!
  • Remember if I don’t do it (WHATEVER it is), it probably won’t get done- so stop griping and get busy.
  • When I’m rested, I’m ready to commit to anything. When I’m tired, I’m ready to quit. Wait 24hrs before committing to ANYTHING! (ie: signing up for sports, taking a dinner, volunteering at school, taking on ANY pet). Your family comes 1st.
  • No one really cares what size jeans I wear but me!
  • Best advice I ever got: “Everything gets better…EVERYTHING!
  • Don’t forget: (Ps. 56:8) God records my sorrows and collects my tears.                            He gently leads those with young. (Isaiah 40:11)
  • Be Content! (Ps. 16:5) The Lord has assigned me my portion and my cup.
  • Laugh at yourself daily! Pray for a sense of humor!
  • DELEGATE (some help is better than none)

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