If someone had handed me an itinerary for my Monday’s schedule I would’ve croaked! 5:30AM brought my alarm. It seemed extra early, dark and cold. I did the usual making coffee, starting lunches, loading laundry and waking kids. Bethany (3rd grade) on the bus, I remembered Timothy (9th) needed an x-ray for his wrist that he hurt in Saturday’s soccer game. Two more kids (high schoolers) out the door and Rebekah (6th) missed her bus.

Timothy and I dropped her off at school then waited (!) at the urgent care. X-rays showed a break maybe 2, so I spent the next hour calling everywhere to get an appointment with an Orthopedist to get a cast. Finally got one for the next AM. Trying to make the best of it for Timothy, who now hurt from all of the twisting of his wrist in examination, I agreed to buy him a burger (one direction) before picking up his x-ray films (of course, in the other). Why won’t they just give you those before you leave?? Anyway, items in hand we headed home where some cleaning HAD to be done before Biblestudy the next day.

At the very least the main floor needed vacuuming & mopping and the hall bathroom cleaned. Emails were sent to Timothy’s teachers and soccer coach (which he couldn’t help with). The elementary bus arrived- what? How could it be so late? I never got to exercise. O dear, I’m still in my workout clothes… and no shower 🙁

Sarah (senior) came home early, dropped off a car and left with a friend for a study session. That meant I needed to now pick up Ben (10th) from school! Timothy noticed a text about Ben’s tutoring that afternoon. -Oops I forgot. I quick made the call to verify and had 45mins to pick-up said child, get home, ask about everyone’s school day, help with homework and think about dinner. I forgot about dinner. Still no time to shower (really ?), I briefly saw Rebekah get out of her carpool, kiss her and jumped into Sarah’s car (which was parked behind me), to take Ben to tutoring.

Got him into the tutor’s house and quickly had to leave because Sarah was called in for work. Drove home, got the Suburban to go back and pick Ben up. Getting home, I was asked to cut Keith’s hair and I found out David needed help in locating some misplaced documents for taxes. He was at the office searching and needed me to look at home.

Timothy in the mean-time “really wanted to go to soccer practice!!!!” I found a few papers for David and called out information over the phone all the while over-seeing a “habitat project” for Bethany. I decided it really wasn’t a big deal after all to let Timothy kick the ball at practice (…no running). So with another folder to go through for David, and everyone eating left-overs, I drove him to the field. The coach talked to us a while, but said no, not even with the brace, not until he gets a real cast. He was bummed, but they NEED him to play for the tournament in 5 weeks.

Drove sad child home, gathered papers and headed up to the office to help David finish up. Ben put the little girls to bed. 🙂 I signed papers with David and he mailed them off.
I don’t think I ever ate dinner, I know I didn’t get a shower until 10:30PM. My sweet husband let me sleep while he stayed up most of the night with our youngest who got the throw-ups later on! Really??? That means no Biblestudy tomorrow after all 🙁 At least I will start the day with a clean house (part of it anyway)!

This is life with 6, and no matter what happens I know God goes before me to make my path straight. I need not worry about what’s on the agenda. 

ForGlorySake! -Anna


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