Learning How to Brag

“Therefore, the Scriptures say: ‘If you want to boast, boast only in the LORD.'”                      1 Corinthians 1:31
Unlike Paul in the New Testament I have never been beaten for my faith, or imprisoned, or harshly persecuted. I have endured some teasing and ostracism, but my real claim to brag comes in that God has proven faithful to me time and time again through whatever difficulty I’ve come across.
I can run off a list of struggles and trials from over the years a few pages long (as I’m sure any human being can). It includes anything from flat tires, the flu, and needing a church home, to a missing child, serious illness and lack of funds for bills. The amazing and miraculous thing is that no matter what I may write on this never ending list, God has matched it with His impeccable timing and grace. And He continues to do so…daily. Nothing escapes His notice, nothing surprises Him. I can rest assured my “unique case” won’t stump Him. He is prepared. As a matter of fact He’s been prepared before the world began. Think of it!
The verse Paul wrote about in 1 Corinthians was in reference to Jeremiah 9:24 (apparently his readers knew this one):
“But those who wish to boast should boast in this ALONE;                                                       that they truly know me                                                                                                                and understand that I AM the LORD                                                                                           who demonstrates unfailing love                                                                                                     and who brings justice                                                                                                                             and righteousness to the earth,                                                                                                  and that I delight in these things.                                                                                                     I, the LORD, have spoken!”
“O Lord, You are really something! You are never lacking in surprises and help just when I need it. I am truly amazed that You are so intimately involved in the tiniest details of my life. Let me boast to those around me, that You are what holds me up and keeps me going. I think You’re just the best, Anna”

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