Just when you think it’s safe to do the wash…
..this shows up under the clean wet clothes. We had just gone for an overnight camping trip near Rome, Ga. Such fun and beautiful weather. Coming home late Sunday afternoon required all hands on deck to unload the car, store the camping tents etc., and pile the dirty clothes in front of the washer. Between dinner and baths I threw in a load of wash, but forgot to run the dryer until early AM.
5:55 Monday morning, coffee going and before I started the lunch assembly, my mind remembered the wet clothes from yesterday. Trooping into the laundry room under such a bright light, I reached down into the washer pulling out wet clothes and shoving them into the dryer. I never even looked at what I was grabbing until I got near the bottom to fish for socks. Can you imagine my surprise to see a snake. I just stood there wondering if they can climb washer drums and then noticed that it’s little tongue was hanging out. Needless to say it gave everyone a story to take to school and work, along with a cell-phone photo for proof!
Still not sure what kind it was, but thanks to a vigorous cycle and some Arm & Hammer soap it died. Today I am thankful that I didn’t get bitten loading the washer, that where ever that thing came from it didn’t bother anybody camping and for God’s curse on the snake -“upon your belly you shall go”. If that thing had had legs…..

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