Our Busy God

“The steps of a [good] man are directed and established by the Lord when He (God) delights in his way [and He busies Himself with his every step].” Psalm 37:23
I do like to Capitalize ANY reference to God, including pronouns like He and Him. This time the Amplified Bible did it for me. You really have to read this carefully and notice which “him” is God and which one is regarding man.
This verse astounds me! I am not good on my own, that’s for sure, but what Christ did for me made me good – or right in His sight (Rom. 1:17). My steps are both guided and brought into being by the Lord…and get this ,”He delights in every detail” of my life (The Living Translation). Wow!
I’ve been running it over and over through my head today; the last bit about God busying Himself with my every step. Do you find it fascinating to think that He not only mapped out our lives ahead of time (Ps. 139:16), but then orchestrates details of our day?! I saw a show recently on the Weather Station where a storm-story was told using a countdown to a specific moment in time. It followed a series of events of several strangers until their lives intersected in an incredible way. No one ever used the word miraculous, but it certainly was! I watched with tears in my eyes knowing that God had put all of that “coincidence” together.
Reading this verse tells me He does it everyday. Every place I go, every person I meet is on purpose.  God is into the details of my life. He is busy with each step I take.

“God, please open my eyes in a new way to see those around me.                                              Wherever You take me to today, I want to be aware that You have a purpose for bringing me there. Let me be a delight to You, Anna”

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