God's Little Love Notes

I am always so amazed and touched when God reaches down into my day and sends me a personal word. It could simply be a verse that seems to jump off the page or a devotional that leaves me feeling it was written just for me. It’s even happened with a sermon or a note from a friend.

Today it happened in a quick little paragraph I picked up on very busy morning. Just a thought that hit the spot and made me feel like He was there watching me and feeling for how I felt. That is so encouraging!

Sometimes I forget how far empathy can go in relating our love. Just a listening ear and a heart-felt nod of understanding to someone else’s dilemma. Stopping what I’m doing to look in the eyes of the child speaking and touch them while they tell me their tale. I quick word of encouragement for their ears alone. 

I wish I had done more of that along the way. Maybe I did and just don’t remember.
Either way, God seems never to forget these little things, or neglect them. I love that He cares for us in our frailties. What an awesome God we serve

“Lord, help me to keep on looking for You through out my day. Thank you for sending me those special little love notes.” 

ForGlorySake! -Anna

Cream cheese smile 🙂

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