Priceless Privilege

I love this phrase from Philippians 3:8, “…the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ.” (New Living Translation)
The Amplified Bible uses the words, “Priceless privilege, overwhelming preciousness, surpassing worth and supreme advantage of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord”.  The verse goes on to add, “progressively becoming more DEEPLY and INTIMATELY acquainted with Him [of perceiving and recognizing and understanding Him more fully and clearly]. What an awesome thought that we could know Him more and more fully, understand Him more clearly.
That is what studying the Bible is to me. My personal quiet time is a life-line drawing me closer and closer to who God is. The more time I spend learning about who He is, the more sympathetic I feel toward the plans He has for me. I see patterns throughout the Word of how He can be trusted. I read the history of his protection and provision. I learn promises that apply to ALL to put their trust in Him. I am encouraged and my heart turns genuinely to an outpouring of thankful praise… it can’t be stopped.
It’s like time with my husband; closeness, look in-the-eye talks, intimacy. Nothing gives greater connection. I feel, “on the same side”. My empathy rises for his concerns and struggles… as my husband shares his heart with me I feel sympathetic toward his decisions and plans. Respect flows naturally and my heart is thankful. No wonder Paul equates the husband with Jesus and the wife with his “body of believers”. We are told in both relationships NOT to forsake “coming together”- that amazing bonding.
This is the great mystery, that He would call us to come and be so close; that He would give us the living example of marriage t0 show us that “overwhelming preciousness” of a knowable oneness!
We women who are married are incredibly blessed! Next time you have opportunity to be alone with the man God gave you, look at it in the light of how God has called you to KNOW Him… a priceless privilege. And let joyful thanksgiving flow freely.

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