“Suddenly there was a massive earthquake and the prison was shaken to it’s foundations. All the doors immediately flew open and the chains of every prisoner fell off!” Acts 16:26
We have had a lot of “shaking” happen at our house over the last year. Nothing like a good trial by fire to bring you back to your foundation. Each one of our family members has been through some major stress. But it wasn’t until recently, as the dust began to clear, that we could see the bigger picture. It’s been a hard road; a wacky year (as of Oct 18). Not all has been revealed, but I am learning some new things.
I’m enjoying where God has brought us… although I’m not sure I would’ve voted for the trip! Such painful experiences are giving way to new freedom. We are learning that the stress of David’s illness on our kids was huge. They did so well through all of the hospital stays and recovery months that I discounted their need to heal. God in His faithfulness to never leave us as we are, is bringing about something wonderful. I am seeing many positive traits SLOWLY emerge. Doors are opening and chains that we didn’t even know were there are falling away.
It’s never pleasant to realize you’ve been a slave to something no matter how it came about. Sometimes we pick up bad habits to comfort ourselves and sometimes just to take our mind off of whatever is going on around us. Either way God wants us whole and complete in Him. I am thankful for His loving care.
Be encouraged with the verse above that a seeming disaster has great purpose is revealing our true foundation and setting hearts free. Then, just as in the story in Acts, others can see and be saved! Blessings, Anna

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