Bethany's Poem

My Special place
by Bethany Etheriedge 8

My special place is my secret place

It smells like wet dog and wet cat

I see the bright sun as it beats down on my chest

I hear the birds when they sing to God

I feel the wind as it cools me off

I hear the crinkle, crackle and crunch as the leaves hit my special place

I feel the wood as I arrive

I watch the trees dance for Jesus

I see the green grass as the wind picks it one by one

I see God everyday at my special place, I can’t believe He made this

I hear the springs on the trampoline… creek, creek

I see my house as it makes faces at me and I always laugh and make some back

I hear the dogs bark like this: ruff, ruff as they play together

Thats why I love my special place.

Can you guess what it is?

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  1. Amanda Gramstad says:

    Thanks for sharing with us the encouraging things of the spirit, your daily and sweet poems like this one by Bethany. Give her a, “hooray!” from me. Amanda G.

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