What's Important?

When I was a young mom with just 1, then 2 children and learning to juggle humans…
I wanted to do everything well. Each morning I woke up and had a list already running in my head. It
read something like: Take a shower, have some Quiet Time with God, start a load of laundry, put away dry dishes, feed the dogs, visit with my husband before he leaves… on and on it went. Usually it was the baby that woke me, not the alarm. The baby woke the toddler (or visa versa). Both were hungry and needed changing and my list got pushed further and further off as it grew! How was I ever going to make this work? Even if I was organized to get somewhere, invariably something would happen to cause a glitch in the program.
Elisabeth Elliot came on the radio at that time, everyday for 15 minutes with Gateway To Joy. Her continually soothing words of God as my shepherd calmly leading me, gave me hope. I remember her saying things like the spilled milk, the knock at the door, the appliance breaking, the emergency run to the doctor or store were the most important moments of the day. She would tell me to look for the interruptions, that it was God slowing me down; intervening in my plans. They were moments of truth. Moments of testing my attitude. Moments that push perseverance and grow maturity (James 1:2-4).
Even today, 6 kids later (some days 7) I usually don’t get my shower until the last person is out the door for school. My interruptions are a little different now, but still pretty consistent. Lost books, a forgotten lunch, missing keys, last minute ride somewhere, yet I can still hear that voice from way back saying, “this is the important work.” What’s my attitude going to be? I didn’t realize then that as I was learning, I was also teaching my children how to deal with stress. It can be a bother to have life put-off and change gears quickly, unless you’re purposefully looking for what God is doing.
Those moments matter. Don’t lose heart! God IS gently leading us where He wants us to go. And when those inevitable “interruptions” come to your day- remember that just may be your most important work!

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