It's Not All About Me

Have you ever heard the saying, “children tie the mother’s feet”?

 I remember staying home with all my little tikes and can attest to that being truth!
 Tell me now, when did it happen? In the time my youngest started to grow and become more independent…when did I become so… selfish???

I have said for many years, “You die to yourself when you marry and again with each child”. It’s not sad, but it’s a fact.
 You die to your own wants and desires being met exactly at the moment you want them. There are others to consider now; “It’s not all about me.”
I’m sure there’s a reverse to this concept because as my children have ventured out- so have my feet!
Now I have a toddler in the house again and he is pure joy! But I forgot that I can’t just up and leave as easily 🙂 Or do whatever I please when I want to. I stay where he is, watching what he’s doing and then wonder why my “to-do” list is still “to-do”. How quickly we forget.
Life is so much more simple in “toddler world”; a little more thinking ahead, watching the clock and picking up. It’s a different kind of busy.
I find my current stage of life challenging mentally and emotionally. I think ahead in weeks, not so much hours.I watch the clock at curfew. I STILL pick-up a good deal, but it’s clothes now instead of toys. O yes, and LOTS of driving!
The lesson for me is a good one; one I don’t want to ever get too far from. It’s really not all about me! And I need to slow down, get one on one even with my big kids and enjoy something simple with them.
Thank you Melissa for sharing such a special little treasure with me, I’m really enjoying my new “job” of watching your son 🙂
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2 Responses to It's Not All About Me

  1. Debby says:

    Way to go Anna!!!! God IS good all the time. I’ll be waiting for the next nugget.

  2. landij says:

    I pray i always have a baby or two hangin off my apron strings. <3

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