Mountains and Valleys

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2011 10:45 AM, ED
David loves that I get fired up about things. He loves my enthusiasm and joy -rejoicing!
But I pay a price for my big highs -I’m so disappointed when I see negative and discouraging things… this especially comes into play where my kids are concerned.
David is so much more “even”. Little things, hopeful things, we see in our kids he smiles over, but doesn’t go overboard. He knows they are still sinful and it’s all a “process” -you know, this growing in Christ. I on the other hand get so thrilled at the show of good fruit, but am just crushed when sin comes crashing in again. I would like to be more even.
I remember Elisabeth Elliot talking about God taking her mountains and her valleys and straightening them out as she became more and more mature in the Lord. I love the highs- rejoicing in Jesus…but the lows are the pits!
 I need to be more mature.
 My joy is in the Lord and I DO have joy simply because of who He is and what He has done for me; what awaits us!!!
My heart IS tied up in my family however, i won’t deny that. I want them all to follow God because they WANT to. I long for them to grow in Christ and desire to do His will. I can’t do it for them, but I am so encouraged when I see selflessness or unconditional love being shown. And my heart breaks when I see pain they cause and choices that will bring regret later.
Each heart is so different. Believe me there is NO fool-proof child rearing manual! TONS of prayer and sensitivity to God’s Holy Spirit is the only key that unlocks a heart.
Do you think Adam and Eve raised Cain differently from Able? Or Isaac and Rebekah, did they teach Esau differently from Jacob?
Why are some hearts more yielding than others? Why do some show respect and others rebel? I have clung to the notion that I was NOT a vessel to bring yet another lost soul into the world… I have reminded God of this OFTEN through all of our child rearing! 🙂
Good to remind any Mommas that are reading: parenting goes on for YEARS! God has your children in His sights! He hears ALL of those prayers, believe me! Even your smallest example of your love for God will have HUGE future dividends! Don’t stop sweating it out for their souls, it all counts.
I am now “nannying” for a precious almost 3 year old. It is bringing SO much to light for me…. all these years, all this time invested… God SAW it, God USED it, the game is NOT over yet! Blessings
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