The Move-

MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2011 7:17 AM, EDT
It has been suggested to me (by several sources) to move from caringbridge to a another blog-site. David does have yet another surgery due at some time, but hopefully and Lord willing, we are all finished with the cancer. Maybe this has been a jumping off point for me!?
I am continuing in my work on a marriage Biblestudy and have also spent a good chunck of time on David’s cancer story- using the journal here as the frame. Who knew writing could be such fun? I do love organizing my thoughts, but still can’t believe anyone else could find them encouraging besides myself- hah! Go God!
Thank you all who visit, read, and write for your many prayers for our family especially David. He amazes me daily with his healthy progress- I’m SO thankful to have him! What a man! He has felt your prayer support and enjoyed your encouragement as much as I have! We could never thank you enough 🙂 your treasure is in heaven! Love to you, Anna & David
PS- I’ll let you know when I make the swap to another site.
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