Happy Day! June 6, 2011 was takedown day. David’s ileostomy was undone. Literally his small intestine was cut and fed through the wall of his abdomen 6 months ago. This was the lifesaving measure after his colon tear and repair, so that he could heal. This allowed him to come home from the hospital and leave the PICC line behind.

Because of internal scaring and poisonous sepsis resting in his perineum cavity, the ileostomy could not be taken from the ileum (lower portion of the small intestine, allowing  maximum nutrient absorption), but instead was taken farther up. This was our biggest challenge in keeping him at home – staying ahead of the constant out-put. Every 15 minutes, he had to eat and hydrate. utterly exhausting.

I have no medical training and yet I learned. God gave me the strength to clean wounds, change dressings, remove stitches with a tool that came by mail, order and change out bags (I’d never even heard of before), clean and dry a stoma and the skin surrounding. Some of these things brought us both to tears -every day. I respect Ostomy nurses more than ever!

But today!… its over, its behind us! My husband has been put back together and it’s all working fine. Even the surgery itself was less than we expected in every way. No major migraine, nausea or excessive pain. The colon repair from 6 months ago, looks solid and holding, surrounded by yet more scar tissue. And the baseball-sized sphere where sepsis miraculously “walled off,” appears empty. David does have a special knack for scar-tissue, bless his heart.

God is merciful. He has blessed us again and again: with strength and perseverance, wisdom and ability, provision and grace. His plans won’t be thwarted.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

David and dad (Poppy) post recovery
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